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Richard B Simmons

The Ministry of Richard B Simmons. Richard is a called Apostle and seer prophet of God. Richard carries the Fathers heart for this broken and fatherless generation with a Malachi 4 mandate.

Champions Institute

Champions Institute is raising a people especially the next generation that are taking land for the Kingdom  as seen in Joshua 1:1-5. Champions are created to walk humbly, confidently, and prophetically.

ElijahFire Web church is an internet-based extraordinary membership group of LBFWorld Ministries that helps people who desire a deeper relationship to walk it out daily. Elijah Fire invites and moves in The Holy Spirit

Restoration Point

Restoration Point is first “A Safe Place”. Gods desire is to restore them. Jesus pursued the 1 and in doing this we take them back to the place where they were before they fell and the restoration starts.

Hour is Now TV

Hour is Now TV concentrates on advancing the Kingdom of God within a relationship, His presence, prophecy, evangelism, and an abundance more. As the days are nearby to His return, the Hour is Now to grow closer to The Lord Jesus Christ, and experience the fullness of The Holy Spirit.


As Christian authors, we are always looking for an affordable, no hassle way to take our story from being a dream to actuality! LBFPublishing has opened the doors to freedom in christian  self publishing. Come write your book today!

His Touch TV Network

His Touch TV Network focuses on “His Presence”, and getting to know Hos presence. We invite you today to dive in to a deeper walk, and relationship with the Lord, and know you will find His Touch TV Network’s stations a true blessing on your journey to finish strong in your plan and purpose in the Lord.

Kingdom Pilot

Richard has been a pilot since 1996, and has met some christians in aviation along the way. Richard has a heart cry to see the christians in aviation and unmanned aviation (drones) come together and unite for God’s glory!

Take a break to worship or soak in His presence now!

His Presence TV - Worship and Soak Now

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